Pharmacologically Altered
Thats What Friends Are For

Dude, i worry. Last time in V was a bad sign. Im quite surprised by your state back then. i never took you for someone like that. I’ve always seen you as someone who always had his shit together. Ideally i weren’t such a devil, id stop supplying but one thing that people don’t get about things like this is the fact that you can learn from experience like that. So, lets just say, as your source, I’m putting you under a “guided-probation” starting next year. I’d like to know though what went through your head that night? Did you have a shitty day or something?

This is what friends are for, homie.

#Medical Experience

Suffering from colic and constipation recently along side some indigestion and stomach cramps. Had a little snow and it provided some relief. Alas, another use my friend, another medical use.


again, turbo-charged tonight. I find myself in my usual talkative and social mood. funny how my brother and his fiance are right beside me watching their prime time sitcoms while thoughts keep rushing into my mind. I am TOO TEMPTED to offer them my joy but I superego bids me not to.

So now I find myself talking to myself, in this shared virtual real estate. Im quite happy you thought of that, homie (referring to your previous post). Indeed, our lives, distinct personality and character are a product of unique life events sequenced in only one way possible which is how it already happened. Its quite unfair that we cannot go back in time and change things, thats why the fantasy of doing so appeals to the whole human race. It also quite interesting how i find a sense of parallelism with genetics and psychology. That being genetics concerns unique sequences of DNA, that ideally is irreplicable and downright godly to do so, similarly in psychology, no two events are similar and no two stimulus affects a person the same way. Thats why, there will never be people with similar traits. Thats a fuckin fact.

That said, I leave the reminiscing and the what ifs to my dreams and just thing of the what ifs for the future. I’ve lived by the code of “The biggest risk you can take is not taking the risk at all.” And that has brought me here, to what i believe I am. A slightly narcissistic (deep down, but i guess thats normal to some extent), adrenaline junkie, humble son of a god, who has something to prove to his clan, himself and the whole world.

Quite frankly, everything we have accomplished is brought about by our molding which is dictated by the unique experiences we have which can all be attributed to either: the law of entropy or Gee Oh Dee, Himself. I prefer the latter but thats just because I’m catholic and it works for me and my current situation (being with *****).

Today, Dec 19, 2010. I bid you merry christmas my friend. I shall see you soon. Good tidings i bring

I get stomach aches every single fucking time. Odd. Bearable, but odd nonetheless.

Everything’s tough.
Life 2.0

An overdose of soul-searching made me perform a thorough look-back at my past, and the epic events that were seared in what was left of my consciousness. Although far from perfect, I have reached the conclusion that the person I see in myself now is way better than my previous character. My life ran in my head like a lengthy movie, with some bits appearing like the silent black and white films from another time, while others parts seemed like they were filmed in high-definition. It was curious how those events made me feel a range of emotions, from fear, anxiety, paranoia, anger, happiness, love and ecstasy.

Every time I’m under, I am somewhat reassured that life ain’t that bad. I consider myself lucky that I have found myself in an instant where the imps of the universe created a situation where my life from then on, will forever be changed. I would never have reached this enhanced state had not specific important events occurred in the right order and at the right time. Requisites in the acquisition of my improved understanding have all been met and rewarded me with insight.

My life has changed. And I thank my agent of mischief for giving me that change.

Turbo Charged

with the aid of pharmacology and its principles and wonderful therapeutic effects, once can come up bizzare but doable ideas, risky plans, and philosophical wonders. Today was all about psycho analysis well to some extent, A ended up rationalizing every action or statement made by N while N kept babbling about his deepest and darkest secrets, that revolved mostly on his fixation of having another runabout with his past.

Today I realized that love is the ultimate drug when paired with sex. nothing would top that. This realization was brought about by exchanging ideas and rehashing past memories and the frequency of the emergence of the topic of one’s ex’s sexcapades would prove that one wasn’t over with the idea of sex. but what’s stopping him from having sex with other girls is his requirement of having strong intimate feelings of affection/infatuation for that person. The reason for the fixation on the same girl doing the same raunchy thing is maybe the intimate emotion attached to the deed. The idea of having sex under the influence of X, C, drunkenness with mix of either of the early stated contraband shit is just fuckin’ awesome, i swear. Being well versed in the medical realm makes it even more astounding because you can predict when the perfect moment will be.